Wil je meer leren over het gedrag van je kat? Heb je het gevoel dat je niet altijd begrijpt wat de kat je wil vertellen? Dan is het ‘I love Happy Cats – Mode d’emploi pour un chat heureux’ zeker een aanrader!

Op 28 september 2019 komt onze handleiding ‘I love Happy Cats – Guide for a Happy Cat’ uit! Deze handleiding neemt je op een wonderbaarlijke reis doorheen de wereld van de kat, hoe je haar lichaamstaal kan aflezen en hoe je de kat nog gelukkiger maakt dan ervoor!

After 10 years as a cat behaviour consultant, I’ve observed that most cats don’t have ‘behaviour problems’ but are just normal cats showing normal behaviour, but they don’t have all the resources they need to fulfil their needs. Many cat owners have no idea what this creature in their house is actually telling them. Besides intuition, knowledge and science is necessary to understand this magical creature’s language and behaviour. By informing cat owners about the basic language of their cats and their preferences, we are keeping cats away from relinquishment.
Meet the author!
Anneleen Bru
Author of ‘I love Happy Cats’

It’s coming! The new cat book of 2018!
This book will change the way you look at your cat and you will fall in love with your precious tiger even more. Did you know that you can tell how he’s feeling by looking at its whiskers? That it does not like to drink right next to its food? That your cat might be having a tough time being seen by neighbourly cats? Your cats world and way of communicating its emotions and preference is SO subtle, that most owner have no idea what is going on. After reading this book, you will never look at your cat in the same way!
The book ‘I love Happy Cats – Guide for a happy cat’, written by cat behaviour consultant Anneleen Bru and will be shipped on May 1st!
About the author
Anneleen Bru (°1985, Belgium) graduated as a MSc in Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling (University of Southampton) and specialised in house cats and zoo animals since 2008. She brought all her ‘golden’ tips together in her first book, based on her education, scientific insights and experience of consulting hundreds of Belgian cat owners who were experiencing unwanted behaviours with their house cats. The book is practical and easy to understand. It’s full of ideas to make your cats life happier with pictures, illustrations and quote’s so even people who don’t like books or reading will love it! It’s a hard cover with soft touch, 219 pages, a purple ribbon and golden titelprint (back, front and side).
14.000 books sold in Belgium
The book was published in Belgium on November 19th 2017 and has sold over 14.000 copies as we speak. The book is has thrived for 13 weeks in the TOP 10 NON-FICTION of Standaard Boekhandel, Flanders largest book chain. Cat owners are absolutely loving this book as it is unleashing a revolution of happy cats. The book will also be available in English and French on May 1st 2018.
You can pre-order the book now, it will be sent to you the first week of May!

About the Author

Anneleen Bru (1985) adopted her first cat, Madeleine, a Sacred Birman, when she was 17. Little did she know this would be the start of a spectacular adventure. When the time came to choose the topic of her thesis for the university programme Communication Sciences at Antwerp University, she chose the topic ‘communication among cats’ and, in this way, became conscious of the fact that a considerable number of cats end up in shelters due to hidden behavioural problems every year.
This is how Anneleen ended up in the UK, where she completed the three-year Master’s programme Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling at the University of Southampton, thus becoming the first non-veterinary, cat behavioural therapist, university graduate in Flanders.
Things shifted into another gear in 2008 with the launch of Felinova; consultations were quickly followed by lectures and training programmes about cat behaviour for enthusiasts and professionals alike. Often heard feedback is: ‘She is able to explain things in an interesting way, with passion, and lots of humour.’ People are on the edge of their seats when Anneleen starts talking, and she quickly learnt that this is the best way to reach cat owners about the well-being of their cat and to convince them to treat their cats differently.
Besides domestic cats, Anneleen also ended up in Kenya to assist with a study into social behaviour among giraffes. By giving a lecture about training giraffes at an international giraffe conference in San Francisco, she found herself entering the world of zoos. Here, she works together intensively with animal carers and their beautiful animals, which so far has included lions, mandrills, bongos, tapirs, hippos, giraffes, North American porcupines, jaguars, Amur leopards, red ruffed lemurs and spider monkeys. As a result of this adventure, she was part of the television programme ‘The Zoo behind the screens’ for two seasons.
Anneleen is regularly invited to appear as a cat expert on a wide range of television and radio programmes, and writes her cat column for Story (a Flemish TV Magazine), among others.
In addition to behavioural modification among animals, Anneleen’s other great passion is bringing people together and coaching them to further expand this new sector. Her famous cat conference ‘Poes Café’, which is held annually in November, was held for the fifth time in 2017 and had twice as many participants as in previous years. Cat lovers and professionals come from far and wide to hear national and international speakers talk about cat behaviour and well-being. In 2015, she launched the Felinova Cat Coach© Diploma. An intensive vocational programme for professionals working with cats and who want to master all facets of the cat to better assist their customers. We’re going into its third year, and at present, the programme already has 25 graduates. After all, ‘together we stand strong’ is Anneleen’s deepest conviction.
And now the ultimate dream – the first book – has become a reality. With this book, Anneleen hopes to reach more people to increase their understanding of cat behaviour and by doing so give cats a better life.


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