Doe-het-zelf Catio

1.090,00 incl. BTW

Eigenschappen van deze Catio:

  • HxBxD: 2,4m x 2,4m x 2,36m
  • Zwart gegalvaniseerd staal
  • Weerbestendig
  • Zeer stabiele constructie
  • Monteerbaar tegen een muur of ondergrond
  • Extra versteviging onderaan (tegen het in- en uitbreken)
  • Palen zijn 3x3cm
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  • 8 x Cross post (2.34m)
  • 8 x 3-way corner coupling
  • 4 x Upright corner post (2.3m)
  • 16 x Diagonal corner brace
  • 32 x Plastic corner brace bush
  • 2 x Gate post (2.3m) (only included in gate option)
  • 4 x Catio gate connector plate (only included in gate option)
  • 12 x M8 x 20 hex bolt (only included in gate option)
  • 4 x M8 X 30 countersunk bolt
  • 6 x Post mounting brackets (top hat clips)
  • 2 x Large cables ties (100 pack)
  • 2 x Small cable ties (100 pack)
  • 1 roll of 15m x 2m poly mesh
  • 1 roll of 15m x 0.6m black weld mesh (chew guard) 1
  • 12 x 2″ Wood screws
  • 12 x 8mm Wall plugs

Our catios feature:

  • Powdercoated black for sleek aethetics
  • Pregalvanised for superior weather resistance
  • Three-way plastic couplings to secure sections together
  • Patent-pending corner brace for stability
  • Post mounting brackets allow the frame to be secured to the floor or wall
  • Steel mesh chew guard along bottom 60cm protects against wildlife entry
  • High tensile polymesh provides a discrete and easy-to-fit covering
  • Catio size: (W) 2.4m x (D) 2.4m x (H) 2.36m
  • Gates can be added to any side of the catio
  • Posts are 30mm x 30mm with a 2mm wall thickness