Bringing harmony between human & animal

Felinova is specialised in guiding and training zoo staff in training, enriching & managing their species.

Let’s make animals’ lives better

If you are looking for a way to improve the daily welfare of your animals, you have come to right reliable partner! We offer animal consulting to increase harmony in the lives of your animals and caretakers.

Animal welfare in wildlife parks is very important. Zoos no longer have to task to just entertain their visitors, but they act as real time ambassadors of conservation, education and research.

Felinova Animal Behaviour Consulting offers services along with these changes. We work in harmony with our animals and caretakers, teach how to communicate and improve everyday routines.

You need trust to give your animals the best possible lives. Trust means everything.

Anneleen Bru, Founder of Felinova


  • Enhance animal welfare
  • Give your animal options
  • Decrease stress & frustration
  • Attraction for visitors

Animal Training

  • Build trust
  • Facilitate daily routines
  • Mental stimulation
  • Reinforce cooperative behaviour

Behaviour Therapy

  • Decrease problematic behaviour
  • Tackle stereotype behaviour
  • Reduce fear, anxiety & frustration
  • Optimize group structures


Give your animal options

Enrichment means providing natural stimuli for your animals for them to produce natural behaviour.

It is scientifically proven that animals in captivity experience stress (anxiety, frustration) as result of deprivation of ‘choice’.They are not able to choose basis things like where/when/how/with who to eat, sleep, hunt etc. Enrichment is a perfect answer to this, it provides choice: you’re animal choses between options (just like in nature) and this improves confidence and welfare.

Felinova provides hands-on advice on how to improve life quality of your animals.

Animal Training

Educate your staff to train

Every animal species that has evolved to live longer than 2 seasons is programmed to learn every day to adapt to its environment in order to survive. Animals learn what situations are preferable and those that need to evoided. They do this by learning certain reliable signs that predict good or bad things.

This evolutionary trait can be used to ‘train’ our animals to voluntarily work with you in daily routines.

Training has many advantages:

  • building a strong trust relationship with caretaker
  • zookeeper is able to communicate with their animal, in a language it understands and responds to
  • psychological & physical welfare
  • predictability of environment and behaviour of caretaker increases
  • medical examinations & daily routines become easier and less stressful

Felinova educates your staff to train their animals independently and confident, confirm with the latest scientific theories and best practices.

Behaviour Therapy

Tackly undesired behaviour

When wild animals live in captivity, many behavioural issues can come up, from stereotype behaviour to extended anxiety & aggression. This can be caused by many different factors such as socialisation, operant conditioning, available space and resources, social contacts etc.

After thorough analysis of the behaviour, a therapy plan is suggested to improve these behaviours within the living situations like they are and suggest minor alterations in routine, resources, enrichment, behaviour of caretakers or exhibit environment.

If you think that one of your animals welfare is underminded by showing abnormal or unwanted behaviours, please contact Felinova in order to set up a behavioural therapy plan to improve this behaviour in a positive and permanent way!

Contact us for your options!